Sunday, June 03, 2007

My First Sushi

Had you told me 3 years ago that one day I would be suffering from a serious jones for some sushi, I'd have laughed in your face. "Not only did I hate my first piece of sushi so much that I immediately named it one of my least favourite foods," I would have scoffed, "But I also cannot stand to eat seafood." I know, of course, that it is possible to eat sushi without getting seafood involved, as I did then, but if you eat sushi for any length of time you are bound to encounter fish at some point.

But Reema made me try it again... and again... and again, and the next thing you know it's one of my favorite meals, and I'm ordering king crab, lobster, and Alaska rolls without breaking a sweat.

Fast forward to about three weeks ago. My friend Travis is coming for a visit, and he likes sushi just as much as I do. Granted, he'd only eaten it once before - at a dinner where all three of the contributors to this blog were present, actually. Anyway, while cleaning in preparation for Travis' arrival I had found my sushi set. At that very moment I decided it was time to make some serious California rolls - because really, who DOESN'T like those?

Though attempting to make inside-out sushi was not as much of a success as I had hoped, it was still pretty yummy. I'm going to do more research next time.

I highly recommend the "Sushi Day" blog (see sidebar) if you're interested in making your own maki. It is totally worth the effort. We didn't get too creative with the recipe, but making up your own maki is a fun time.

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