Monday, June 04, 2007

This past weekend, I went on a short road trip of sorts with my mother, grandmother, and mom's neighbour, Anne. A good time was had by all, taking in the beautiful scenery and stuffing ourselves full of awesome foodstuffs. Here are a few of the highlights:

Veggie sushi! It was made fresh a few minutes before I bought it. It had avocado, lettuce, cucumber, and carrot, which is never a combo I've seen in sushi before. I'm still not sure if there were chives in it too, but it doesn't matter because it was tasty.

The mini-macaron in front might look familiar to the two of you who've read this blog before, as it's a smaller version of the gorgeous chocolate macaron I raved about back in December. The same bakery that shows up at the Brewery Market in Halifax every week was also at the Market in Kentville, and because we were there earlier than when I usually go to markets, they still had plenty of pastries left (though all the big macarons were gone, sigh). Anyway, the mini version might just be better than the full one, since it has a much thinner layer of ganache but the addition of a piece of VERY good dark chocolate, which added new textural and flavour dimensions. YUMMY.

Also yummy was the exquisite chocolate-pistachio sable something-or-other. It was almost too beautiful to eat (emphasis on "almost"). I was quite glad I chose to eat the blackberry garnish last, because the clean taste of the fruit washed away the buttery richness of the ganaches very nicely. The ganaches were almost too rich; it would have been better if there had been less. The flavour of the sable cookie couldn't stand up to its toppings because it was far outnumbered. That's a shame, since the cookie was very good on its own. As a whole, though, I was very pleased with the delectable pastry - it was worth a foodgasm.

Mmm, spanakopita. One of my absolute favorite Greek dishes, if not my most favourite of all. It tastes like summer.

And now, for some nature shots, because the Annapolis Valley is beautiful:

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