Thursday, December 13, 2007

not dead. I promise!

So it's been a terribly busy semester hereabouts, which would explain the drastic reduction in blog posts. Also, I managed to destroy my digital camera on a canoeing trip with the boyfriend, so I'm hoping fervently that Christmas will yield a new camera, or at least a non-digital camera I can borrow.

In the meantime, though, I HAD to commemorate the cooking of my very first turkey, which my mother kindly sent to my roommates and I for the lean time at the end of the semester when none of us had money.

So I took the built-in webcam from my MacBook and took some pictures.

It has a FACE! Honest to goodness!

Isn't it pretty? It was definitely yummy.

As soon as I return home next week, I'm going into full DIY and cooking mode, so expect a lot more exciting things coming up a lot sooner!