Friday, May 11, 2007

Be Our Guest!

Hi all! I've been back home for few weeks now, and I'm settling in well. Once I get a job, I'll be all set. I've cooked a few things since I've been home but haven't had a chance to blog about them between visiting friends and family, babysitting, catching up on 8 months' worth of missed sleep, and reformatting my computer. Twice.

But the reason for this particular post is to inform you about my dear friend Reema. She is currently living with her boyfriend and has plenty of time to cook, so cooking is what she's been up to. However, the boyfriend is a picky eater, so she's spending a lot of time searching for recipes online. I recommended the food blogs that I link to on my food blog, and then Reema had a brilliant idea.

"You should let me be a guest blogger on your food blog!"

And so, ladies and gents, meet Reema. She's a charmer, I promise. After all, she converted me from a girl who wouldn't touch seafood into an Alaska roll addict and sushi aficionado.

She's already promised some delectable posts, and soon I'll be sharing my Pad Thai story. Happy May, everybody!

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