Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Now, with a wine option like that (if it hadn't been the middle of the day...), plus a whalewatching business operating out of the joint (which we took advantage of before lunch), you'd think that would be enough to make this a pretty cool restaurant.

You'd be wrong. The decor was charming, the locale was great (way out in the middle of nowhere on a little island), there were boxes full of Trivial Pursuit cards to pass the time, and the service was as homey and friendly as could be. They even let the patrons use the piano in the dining room, and the sweetest little girl from one of the other tables played a bit while we were there. She was good, too.

Oh, and the food? The food was phenomenal. The menu had something for everyone (and there were 8 of us with very different palates) and I don't think anyone was disappointed.

The problem is? It was months ago, and I'm still thinking about that peanut butter pie...


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