Thursday, January 18, 2007

Menu for Hope III results

After weeks of waiting in anticipation for the results, we have now found out the winners of the Menu for Hope III raffle, posted by Pim on her website on January 15th.

I was thrilled to discover that I won a Creative Zen mp3 player (that my younger brother insisted that I bid on), as well as a food-related mystery prize. I am going to have a very fun time with it; I already listen to music while cooking, and now I won't have to go looking for my digital camera to take pictures while cooking. I am utterly thrilled.

I'm just as thrilled at the thought of preparing and sending out my prize package, which was won by Peasantwench. P, my darling, please send me an email with your contact details using the email address you provided on the donation form, and I will traipse happily to the nearest post office and send it to you posthaste. I'm going to go prepare it to be mailed right this moment; I'm that excited.


peasantwench said...

Oh my godness! I was anxiously waiting for the results all last week, and then got sick this week and totally forgot to check. I'm so excited. I'll send you an email when I get home and have access to that account. Thanks so much!

boney said...

I did not win your prizes. My life has no meaning!

Meg said...

P - Not a problem. I can't wait to make up a fancy package for you.

Boney - I think I possibly owe you food anyway for all the design work...hmmm. I shall have to ponder this.