Tuesday, December 19, 2006


It was my 20th birthday on December 17th. It's still hard to believe that I've already spent two decades on this earth, and that there's still so much I have to do! For example: I've never been to Asia, eaten a persimmon, met my namesake, or flown in a hot air balloon, which are all things I'm pretty sure I'd enjoy. However, there was one item that I'm glad to have crossed off my to-do list.

I stumbled across a beautifully photographed blog called The Girl Who Ate Everything a little while back, and I've been in awe ever since (I'm still puzzling over how she manages to get such bright colours). I was especially captivated by the delectable baked goods adorning pretty much every post, and in particular those cute little macarons. I've never actually had one before, and was planning on making them back home during the Christmas break.

But during my last weekend in the city, while I was the farmer's market buying stuff for Menu for Hope and Christmas shopping, I stumbled upon a lonely chocolate macaron (well, okay, one mini one and one large one; the big one caught my eye, of course). Despite still being full from breakfast, I shunned the mini version and went for the full big-budget regular sized macaron, with deep chocolate ganache spilling out beautifully. I ended up eating it the next day to brighten up a midafternoon study session, and did it EVER do the trick.

My thoughts during my first bite: "Holy GOD this is good oh the injustice of me being home next week and not able to go to the farmer's market and buy another... yummmmmm."

My thoughts during the second bite: "If this is a dream, it's the BEST. DREAM. EVERRRR. Yesssss."

My dad's comment on the photos: "I'm drooling already."

The verdict: I am SO making my own sometime very very soon (and by very very soon, I mean probably next time I'm home...sigh.).


Robyn said...

Thanks for linking to my site! I'm glad I could influence you in such an important way...I mean, macarons are very important. VERY. SO VERY IMPORTANT. You got a huge-ass one there. [thumbs up] That ganache is impressive!

As for my photos, the magic of photoshop tends to brighten colors. Ahh, sweet sweet photoshop.

Meg said...

Hi Robyn! You're welcome.
And yes, macarons are so important to me now that I'm shocked I was on this earth for nearly 20 years and unaware of the delight of macarons! The ganache was indeed impressive, but its filling spilling out meant that some of the macaron was ganache-less. :(

And photoshop! Gasp! I should have known. Thanks. ;)