Friday, November 03, 2006

What do you do with a bag of apples?

My mom was in town one weekend for the Rolling Stones’ concert. For some reason, she decided that bringing along not just the usual baked goods, but a five-pound bag of baking apples, would be a good idea. How this thought possessed the woman, I have no idea. All I know is that I spent one hazy Friday night staying up until 4AM dicing apples and not even bothering to peel them. I baked my very first pie, and the crust was pretty much stupendous, considering how bad I expected it to turn out. I ended up eating half the pie as the night wore on… whoops!

So then I was left with piles of diced unpeeled apples taking up a lot of space in my fridge. The next morning, I made a shameful apple crisp, and an equally shameful pie. This makes me happy that my digital camera wasn’t working, since there’s no photographic evidence of my utter, utter shame.

About a week later, two plastic containers of apples remained, mocking me. What with midterm season setting in rapidly, I barely had a spare second. But the apples beckoned, and the roommates bemoaned lost space in the fridge. I was in need of a quick snack for my sleep-deprived self to grab on my way to and from classes and meetings.

It was time for apple muffins, ladies and gents. There was no way around it.
So I baked away happily, sort of following the recipe… whoops. I think they turned out not at all as I’d anticipated (the apples were very moist), but still lovely in their own right. My roommates did not share my sentiments, unfortunately, and I ended up eating most of these beauties on my own. Not that I’m complaining…

Recipe to be added at a later date…

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