Friday, November 24, 2006

A new look and a new post

Okay, so it's highly likely that I am the only person who ever reads this blog. I know that at least two people have looked at it once, but aside from that I can only guarantee my own reading. However, I got a bit sad about the layout of this blog after looking at so many gloriously formatted foodblogs. Thus, I've "upgraded" the look, and I hope I (and anyone else who happens to stumble upon this blog) enjoy it.

My dad, as I'm sure I've established in earlier entries, is a sandwich man. My mother, by contrast is a baker. I have yet to uncover the reason why I'm not yet obese, despite being raised on homemade baked goods. I'm not complaining, mind you, just marvelling. Despite the fact that I now live three hours away from my mother doesn't seem to daunt her. She visited at least three times in October and never failed to bring food with her. She always sends up baked goods for me if something else is being dropped off at my house. Whenever I go home for a visit, I return laden with nourishing foodstuffs.

On my latest visit home, Mom packed up a good pile of food for me, including a roll of frozen cookie dough (a genius idea, I must say). Last Friday night, I was in the mood for cookies instead of dancing and booze (which is more of a typical Friday night for me). Since my cookies have been turning out oddly lately and I didn't want my dough getting freezerburn, I decided to bake up Mom's while I made a chocolate cake.

We'd recently bought some eggnog, and a cool glass of it along with a cookie made Christmas, and more times spent with food and my food-loving family, feel all that closer.

I was pretty pleased by the cookies, and decided to continue baking after the cake by making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Both went over well with the roommates, which is a bit unusual. The cookies lasted for possibly two days, and the cake under 24 hours; I guess that's what happens when I don't try to bake healthy things.

I was going to try infusing the store-bought icing taking up space in the fridge with coffee, but I figured the roommates would rather drink it than to have me destroy the coffeemaker in an attempt to brew the stuff... whoops. So I tinted it brown with cocoa and sprinkled chocolate chips on top. The roomies and I ended up gathered round the table talking late into the night devouring our sugary goodies.

I consider it a successful Friday night.


Sara said...

sigh...eggnog, i love you so.
I love the new yellow! Very nice.

Meg said...

Isn't it the best? ;)

And thanks; I thought the yellow was really pretty.