Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Restaurant food = hilarity

This isn't funny until you realize that those pieces of chicken are each larger than my FISTS. I kid you not here, people. My FISTS. I was eating this gul-danged chicken for almost a week afterwards. It's well worth the price, of course, but goodness. It's chicken cacciatore, by the way. On the side are a twice-baked potato that's so good I always order it instead of fries (and this is an achievement since I love fries and generally not a fan of baked potatoes), and honeyed carrots wth parsley. This is from dinner at The Austrian Inn in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, which I highly recommend if you want a big, hearty, inexpensive ethnic meal whose origins are European. There's also an amazing Lebanese place that's easy on the wallet, a charming tearoom with very good sandwiches on fresh-baked bread, and an incredible tea selaction, and a Chinese restaurant that will get you full and has cheesy decor, but the food quality's debatable.

Next, we have a very foolhardy young man trying some sushi that's quite liberally coated with wasabi. Oh, for the follies of youth! Will they never learn?

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